What am I doing now?

I’m currently:

  • Studying computer science (and possibly also majoring in math) at the University of Waterloo.
    • This term (Fall 2023) I’m organizing the Effective Altruism Club on-campus.
  • Building random projects in my free time.
  • Occasionally writing when I have an idea.
  • Becoming more active - I’ve started going to the gym with my friends, and I’m also learning to curl!

Little interesting things

  • I was born in Canada, and given the name Simon Wu at birth, but my parents later came up with the Chinese name 吴尚鸣 for me.
    • In Mandarin (普通话), which my parents speak at home, my name is pronounced wú shàngmíng.
    • In Cantonese (广东话), the native language of my father, my name is pronounced ng4 soeng6 ming4.


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(You can also see my resume).